Monday, 6 August 2012

Whooo's One?

The front cover. I fixed the middle owl's eye.
About a month and a bit ago, Aubrey went to his very first First Birthday Party! I had a very hard time trying to figure out what to get for a one year old since I also had never attended a First Birthday party. After some convincing from my mom, I decided to make a scrapbook as the gift and use the theme of her birthday for each page. 
Pennant Punch

Penguin was created using the Owl Punch. This
page said Who's Birthday? The next page said

Create-A-Cupcake & Coordinating Punch
I cut out the candles and embossed them.
The Flames were cut out using the Bird Punch Wings!
Holding the banner
Using the paper from throughout the book.
Cake was made with different size papers and
the corner rounder punch. I used Stickles for the
Create- A-Cupcake again!
Made by ME!
I was very proud when I finished the book. I loved every page! I ended up buying a blue book after because I'm going to create one for Aubrey in the future!

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